Dr. Jensen Speaking to Rotary, April 6, 2015

At our Monday, 6:30 pm meeting on April 6, 2015 (St. Barnabas), Bainbridge Island Rotary is proud to present Dr. Michael C. Jensen, Director of the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Dr. Jensen is spearheading research in cellular immunotherapy, utilizing the body’s own immune cells and ideally not chemotherapy and radiation.

He led the first ever FDA-approved human trials in t-cell therapy in adults with lymphoma and children suffering from recurrent neuroblastoma. A key partner with lead researchers at Fred Hutchinson and UW Medicine, Dr. Jensen is 1 of a 7 member North American “Dream Team” dedicated to finding successful treatments for the most difficult pediatric cancers.

All are invited to attended, dinner will be served. More info about Bainbridge Island Rotary Meetings, here.

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2015 Rotary Auction: Save the Date!

The planning is on! Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction Saturday, June 27, 2015, sales one day only, with preview the evening before. Fun for the whole family, treasures, dirt cheap prices! All proceeds benefit community projects. Save the date. 

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It’s Auction Time!


RotaryRummageAuction2013-FlowChart2015 Schedule Bainbridge Island
Rotary Auction Schedule

Volunteer Open House

Date: June 1, 2015
Time: 6 – 8 pm

Donation Drop-Off

Date: June 19 to June 24, 2015
Time: 8 am until 8 pm

Preview Night

Date: June 26, 2015
Time: 5 – 8 pm

Auction & Rummage Sale

Date: June 27, 2015
Time: 8 am until 2 pm


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Rotarian Core Commitments

Connecting with Our Core Commitments
by Greg Abell, Vocational Services Director

How we “show-up” as Rotarians is as important as what we do as Rotarians.

Greg AbellWe are continuing our exploration of “Service Above Self” and what it means to us as Rotarians. We are going to step away for a moment from hearing what members have to say about their relationship to this commitment and address some of the challenges we face when seeking to align with our values.

Service Above Self and the Four-Way Test are two primary expressions of our core commitments as Rotarians. They are so much more than something we say at the end of our meetings or casual statement defining who we are as Rotarians. They represent our effort to operationalize our core beliefs and values. They provide us with a vision for how we want the world to experience us. They become “navigational buoys” as we engage daily challenges. They keep us in alignment and in-integrity. If they are so critical, how do we more fully integrate them into our awareness? Let me share a couple of thoughts.

For me, it is in the challenging contexts of life that these commitments become so important. Let me explain what I mean. When I find myself engaging in an interpersonal or substantive challenge, my first response is to take in action. This often results in default behaviors that are not always helpful or in alignment with my commitments.

If I allow my emotional intelligence, my “self-awareness”, to kick in then I will stop, reflect, and ask what I might choose to do in this situation. This is called “self-regulation” and is an essential capacity for leaders. However I think that there is a couple of other questions that precede the “what should I do?” question.

Here is a two-part framework that I believe will support us in this challenge. The first part of the process consists of two questions. 

  1. What is the situation in which I find myself calling from me? What, if any, expectations does the situation have for how I should engage? Who am I expected to be? Do I have a level of responsibility or authority with which to engage this challenge?

            Then there is part 2 of the question:

Who am I committed to being as I engage this challenge? What is my level of commitment to the challenge? What is the nature of my commitment to the people? How do my core commitments and values inform this choice?

  1. The second question focuses on my action. From the commitment I have clarified, what action will I take that will keep me aligned with my values and the values of he organization I represent. What will I do to manifest respect and build trust in the relationship?

About the author: Greg Abell

A Bainbridge Island Rotarian since 2010, Greg Abell is owner the Sound Options Group, an Alternative Dispute Resolution and Leadership Development firm serving primarily the public sector and government agencies. His company helps educators, companies, and organizations successfully navigate through change and conflict.

From Greg’s website we learn that interpersonal relationships lie at the core of everything Greg does. He believes that everything of importance occurs in relationships. He especially enjoys helping organizations design systems to engage conflict with curiosity and optimism.

We look forward to hearing more from Greg in the future articles he writes for our Bainbridge Island Rotary Member News.

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Jack is Ok!

Jack Sutherland - ShakaDadGood News! Jack Sutherland is recovering at Harborview Medical Center and is improving daily. 

Club members send our best to Jack and his family. Hurry back, ShakaDad!

p.s.: Fab job on the Pete Carroll joke, Jack. In a church, no less! <3

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Robin Goldston: Bainbridge Rotary Has Active Committees


Bainbridge Island Rotarian Robin Goldston is a Rotary Board member serving a three-year term as Director of Club Communications (2013-16).


Our Amazing Committees
by Robin Goldston, Director Club Communications, Bainbridge Island Rotary

Bainbridge Island Rotary has over 30 active committees, and they accomplish amazing work. Highlighted here are just a few of them, all dedicated to cultivating opportunities for community service, goodwill, and lasting friendships.

Vocational Trades Committee: This committee’s first major achievement was establishing and funding a Composites Engineering course at BHS. Thanks to a major grant from an anonymous Rotary Club member, students can acquire skills that will help them pursue a career in the ‘new’ manufacturing. In addition, this committee has begun partnering with Island businesses to develop opportunities for students to gain work experience first-hand. Fairbank Construction is the first to join with the committee.

Community Grants: This committee is in the process of winnowing down the grant applications for the 2015 awards. There were 30 applications from local non-profits and final decisions will be made by the committee in the next month. Each committee member makes a site visit and vets every application assigned to them and then writes a short report. The committee then reviews the merits of each application and matches them to the budget available.

Brian Coggon in Guatamala

Rotarians Brian Coggon and Bror Elmquist recently returned from a trip to Guatmala to establish clean water partnerships and projects within indigenous Central American communities.

World Service: March 2015 has been designated Water and Sanitation month by Rotary International and our Club has long been outstanding in this area.

Bainbridge Island Rotarians make regular visits to Uganda where over the last 14 years we have worked with about 150 third-world villages, providing project leadership and funding for water well construction.

In addition, we have provided similar services to areas in Guatemala and South America. Rotarians Bror Elmquist and Brian Coggon recently returned from a trip to Central America where they worked to establish service partners and make plans for future clean water projects.

Scholarship Committee: The scholarship committee will soon be calling high school students to apply for two types of scholarships this spring 2015. The first recognizes community service and is aimed at high school seniors planning to continue their education; the second is for students beginning or continuing professional or technical education or training. Successful applicants will demonstrate a commitment to specific vocational goals and a concrete plan for achieving them. Applications are due March-April followed by a marathon vetting process and personal interviews. 

ScholarshipsHealthy Youth Committee: Many important initiatives are taking place under the auspices of this committee. A public awareness campaign that resulted from last year’s Youth Summit is about to begin in earnest. Rotary is a partner in the Healthy Youth Alliance which is leading this effort. Bainbridge Rotary is featured in all of its outreach materials. The next Healthy Youth Summit will take place on April 25, 2015.

A Teen Council has been established and is meeting on a monthly basis to help the Club guide and refine our efforts. In addition, a task force has been established to help formulate the best message to use to approach the local business community with a goal of bringing youth into their thinking.

These are just a few highlights of our committees. We hope to bring you regular updates on the work of various committees. In fact, this article comes to you courtesy of the Club Communications Committee!

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