Robin Goldston: Bainbridge Rotary Has Active Committees


Bainbridge Island Rotarian Robin Goldston is a Rotary Board member serving a three-year term as Director of Club Communications (2013-16).


Our Amazing Committees
by Robin Goldston, Director Club Communications, Bainbridge Island Rotary

Bainbridge Island Rotary has over 30 active committees, and they accomplish amazing work. Highlighted here are just a few of them, all dedicated to cultivating opportunities for community service, goodwill, and lasting friendships.

Vocational Trades Committee: This committee’s first major achievement was establishing and funding a Composites Engineering course at BHS. Thanks to a major grant from an anonymous Rotary Club member, students can acquire skills that will help them pursue a career in the ‘new’ manufacturing. In addition, this committee has begun partnering with Island businesses to develop opportunities for students to gain work experience first-hand. Fairbank Construction is the first to join with the committee.

Community Grants: This committee is in the process of winnowing down the grant applications for the 2015 awards. There were 30 applications from local non-profits and final decisions will be made by the committee in the next month. Each committee member makes a site visit and vets every application assigned to them and then writes a short report. The committee then reviews the merits of each application and matches them to the budget available.

Brian Coggon in Guatamala

Rotarians Brian Coggon and Bror Elmquist recently returned from a trip to Guatmala to establish clean water partnerships and projects within indigenous Central American communities.

World Service: March 2015 has been designated Water and Sanitation month by Rotary International and our Club has long been outstanding in this area.

Bainbridge Island Rotarians make regular visits to Uganda where over the last 14 years we have worked with about 150 third-world villages, providing project leadership and funding for water well construction.

In addition, we have provided similar services to areas in Guatemala and South America. Rotarians Bror Elmquist and Brian Coggon recently returned from a trip to Central America where they worked to establish service partners and make plans for future clean water projects.

Scholarship Committee: The scholarship committee will soon be calling high school students to apply for two types of scholarships this spring 2015. The first recognizes community service and is aimed at high school seniors planning to continue their education; the second is for students beginning or continuing professional or technical education or training. Successful applicants will demonstrate a commitment to specific vocational goals and a concrete plan for achieving them. Applications are due March-April followed by a marathon vetting process and personal interviews. 

ScholarshipsHealthy Youth Committee: Many important initiatives are taking place under the auspices of this committee. A public awareness campaign that resulted from last year’s Youth Summit is about to begin in earnest. Rotary is a partner in the Healthy Youth Alliance which is leading this effort. Bainbridge Rotary is featured in all of its outreach materials. The next Healthy Youth Summit will take place on April 25, 2015.

A Teen Council has been established and is meeting on a monthly basis to help the Club guide and refine our efforts. In addition, a task force has been established to help formulate the best message to use to approach the local business community with a goal of bringing youth into their thinking.

These are just a few highlights of our committees. We hope to bring you regular updates on the work of various committees. In fact, this article comes to you courtesy of the Club Communications Committee!

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Time to Apply! 2015 Scholarships

Group of diverse students outsideSince 1957, hundreds of high school graduates have received financial assistance to colleges, universities and vocational schools, worldwide through Rotary programs.

On Bainbridge Island, these Rotary scholarships have ranged from that first $250 to, more recently, as much as $7,000.

In 2015 the Bainbridge Island Rotary is awarding two separate types of continuing education scholarships. The number of students receiving each type of scholarship will be determined by the applicant pool.


Graduating seniors living and/or attending school on Bainbridge Island are eligible for the Community Service Scholarships. These grants are competitively awarded to students who demonstrate:

  1. a commitment to community service, and
  2. leadership skills.

Besides a minimum GPA, academic record is not a consideration. Financial need is not a consideration in determining who receives a grant, but in some cases may affect the size of the grant awarded. These grants are targeted to those students entering traditional four-year college programs.

Click here to download the 2015 COMMUNITY SERVICE APPLICATION

Application deadline: March 27, 2015


The Professional/Technical Education grants are being offered to students continuing their education in a setting other than a four-year college or university. The grants are not intended for general academic pursuits, for students intending to attend or transfer to four-year colleges, or for graduate degrees.

Successful applicants will have: 1) specific vocational goals and a plan for achieving them, 2) exemplary commitment to their vocational goals, and 3) a connection to Bainbridge Island, as described in the application.


Application deadline: April 3, 2015

For more information on either of the 2015 Bainbridge Island Rotary Scholarships, email:

For a history of awardees, visit Scholarship History.


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Housing Resources Board Expands Rental Assistance Program

LindaLincolnLinda Lincoln, our Bainbridge Island Rotary Operations Treasurer, reports that the Human Resources Board of Bainbridge Island has expanded the rental assistance program to include assistance for people who work for non-profit organizations.

She asks our Rotary Club Members and friends to spread the word to people who may know someone who works for a non-profit on the Island and could possibly benefit from the program.


Housing Resources Bainbridge (HRB) Rental Assistance Program now includes Bainbridge Island Non Profits Employees

How Does It Work?

Non Profit Rental Assistance Program provides monthly rental assistance to non-profit
employees on Bainbridge Island and who also rent housing on Bainbridge Island. The purpose
of the program is to assist those who work in the non-profit community, helping to make
housing affordable to them so that they may focus on their careers helping others.

The rental assistance will cover the gap between 30% of the recipient’s gross household income and the actual rent paid or the average market rent, minus utility allowance (as determined by HRB) for this area, whichever is less. Assistance is awarded for 12 months and is paid directly to the landlord. Recipients may reapply for assistance annually, if needed.

  • Eligibility Requirements –
    Full time (30+ hours per week) employees of non-profit One Call For All Organizations
    who live and work on Bainbridge Island (Off-Island organizations are not eligible.
  • Household income must be less than $45,000 annually for 1-2 person household or less
    than $85,000 annually for a 3+ person household.
  • Must rent a room, home, or apartment on Bainbridge Island and be under a current
    written lease agreement.
  • To Learn more about the Non-Profit Rental Assistance Program or about HRB visit us online at or contact Phedra Elliott at 206-842-1909 7#. 

About HRB:

The mission of the Housing Resources Bainbridge is to preserve the diversity and vitality of Bainbridge Island by providing and maintaining affordable housing opportunities in the community. For more information on Housing Resources Board, visit their website at

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Educational Scholarships

Rotarians hold education and career advancement in high regard, working to advance educational opportunities and career readiness for exceptional students in our communities.  In this video, a recipient from the Rotary San Ignacio Club discusses the opportunities that his local Rotary Club has opened for him.

Likewise, the Bainbridge Island Rotary Club offers educational scholarships to exceptional, local student applicants, rewarding the desire to achieve and advance one’s career. 

Learn more about Bainbridge Island Rotary’s scholarships here.

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Rotary Foundations

Our Rotary Foundation Giving — helping make the world a better place.

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Beautiful Bainbridge Island

Beautiful Bainbridge Island is home of Bainbridge Island Rotary Club #57, District 5020. The Bainbridge Club is made up of energetic, dedicated community leaders who love Rotary and seeding the growing vitality of the Island community.

Come check out our rapidly growing club at one of our lunch or dinner meetings, guests welcome. See meeting details in the right side column of this page, and on the calendar page.

Thank you for the video, Vesna Somers, via videographer Pattie O’Loughlin Marmon, Dwelling In Possibility, Inc.

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